Help needed for a skeptic!

I admit I am a cable skeptic and think spending $6k on a set of interconnects is loonie!
I have a set of YG Anat 3’s driven by Chord amps. I am using a Krell Foundation pre-amp. It is driven by a Chord DSX-1000. I have good hardware. I have been reluctant to spend too much on wire do to mu  meeter going off every time I look. I am using balanced interconnects. Mostly Straightwire. My question is what would those who post suggest for speaker wire. I do Bi-Amp my YG’s Right now I am using some Nordost flat cable knock offs. My sound is great but I think a little compressed for my equipment. If one were to try an upgrade on speaker wire under $1000 to bi-amp what are your suggestions?
The Cable Company charges 5% of selling price, for auditioning their wires.  That's also applied to the purchase price, if you keep them.   I've been using their, "library" and buying from them for the last decade.  Great guys with which to do business.    (
@rodman99999 while the audition fee is fair and the application of it to purchases is also reasonable the issue with the Cable Company is that their discounts off new cable purchases are far from reasonable -- while they have a "frequent flyer" program all I can say is that the amount they're willing to offer off the list price of a cable (up to 11.5%) is a bit lower than what you can get from other B&M dealers. Of course different cable lines will allow for different discounts but in many cases discounts (or free product in lieu) of 10-20% or more is not uncommon
As others have stated the only way to ascertain if the cable is worth the $$$
is too audition and believe in what your ears say not hearsay.
By far the vast majority of my cables and subsequent upgrade of said cable has all been used from either right here or eBay.
As already stated it is hard to lose more than a few dollars, you dont like the cables then you just put them back up for sale.
Another BIG advantage of buying used is that they are usually very well burned in and what you hear right away is just about what you are going to get, nothing worse than trying to put 150 to 200 hours on new cables!
Browse a few threads here, check out the Cable Company by all means, gives you an idea of new price then you know what to expect at used street level price
Good luck!
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