Help needed to make processor decision.

There are no dealers in my area that carry any of these processors:

Meridian 568
Classe SSP 75
Bryston SP-1
California Audio Labs CL 2500 SSP

I have read many good reviews about each but, since I can't audition any of them I need your help to decide which one would work best in my system. I am hoping to reduce the brightness I hear from the tweeters on my NHT 3.3s. Here are the components in my system to consider:

Classe 25 two channel amp (250 watts)
Wadia 20 CD transport
Wadia 25 DAC
NHT 3.3s
Cardas Golden Cross XLR Interconnect (DAC to Classe amp)
Cardas Golden Cross bi-wire speaker cable

I plan on removing the Wadia 25 DAC and routing the Wadia 20 CD transport to the new processor.
The video inputs on the Classe 75 would be nice but, not necessary.

Thanks for your input.

You may be correct but, since I have limited opportunity to audition any of the units, I lean toward assuming that a pre/pro that has an incorporated tuner will have less advanced DACs and higher THD at the price point I am considering. I already have a very good Rotel tuner for those limited times that I tune into FM. I wish there was a web site that would compare DACs: Crystal vs Burr-Brown, etc.

Thanks for your input.


Sorry, I only responded to part of your post. I may be assuming incorrectly but, I think I am going to better myself by removing the Wadia 25 from my system which if I remember correctly is a 21 bit processor. It sounds great but, if I upgrade to any of the surround pre/pros I have listed which have 24 bit processing I will get excellent home theater as well as better processing for the CDs I play on my Wadia 20 transport and I am assuming I will get better sound from the CDs as a result. Am I all wet on this?

let me muddy the waters even further; check out the cinepro processor, no i haven' heard it, but it certainly contains everything you want in a processor and the president of cinepro, Eric Abraham is a great guy and very reacheable; you owe it to yourself to try the cinepro. At the Cedia show, Eric was going to let me be a beta tester against my Meridian 568, but i never got around to it. I do use the Cinepro 3k6se gold for amplification which by the way is terrific. Now, I have owned a Meridian processor since 1997 when i purchased the 565 and upgraded through J.S. Audio to the 568. they have been very helpful. Several caveats i have about the 568. Its a little pricey, but not by much, and Meridian the company has a bit of an attitude. very class conscious. The upgrade on the 568 is going to be priced around $2500 which i think is outrageous. But the sound is impeccable and if your goal is to have the best sounding processor, then go with the 568 and forget about the negatives.

Thanks for the suggestion. I checked out the specs on the DTC-10 at Cinepro's website. Unfortunately it does not have any balanced outputs.

Hmmmmm....this is an interesting thread but it began with a request for help in taming over-bright tweeters. Have you considered that the problem is with the speakers? I'm not an NHT fan and have never heard any of their models that didn't seem to me bright, glaring, and fatiguing on the top end.

Just something to think about.