Help Surround decoding formats.

I'm in the mkt for a low end 7.1 channel receiver and
I want to make sure it has all the decoding formats
that are important to me. First of all, can I assume that
all of the receivers will matrix 5.1 ( which most titles
are ) to 7.1? Also, what is 5.1 24-96, and circle 6.1.
It seems I know more than most of the sales people
helping me. Any help would be much appreciated.
Here is a short article defining the different types of surround sound formats, and their differences ... very easy reading, with diagrams CLICK HERE TO VIEW

HTH, Dave
Whatever you choose, I highly recommend DPLIIx and/or Logic7 to be able to enjoy 7.1 listening. Most new receivers seem to now offer DPLIIx, and I believe the newer HK receivers offer full functionality Logic7 (can be applied to all sources. Older HKs could only apply Logic7 to 2.0 sources).

From my own listening, once you experience a properly set up 7.1 system, you won't be satisfied with 5.1.

I don't recommend DPLII as it only supports 5.1, not 7.1. And I don't recommend a 6.1 speaker system. If you are going to expand beyond 5.1, go to 7.1.