Help with contacting Audible Illusions

If anyone has any info. on how to get a hold of these folks at Audible Illusions please let me know, we have tried calling and have had no success.
You can also e-mail them off the Manufacturers List on Audiogon. I have done this several times and they have always answered within a day.
Depending on you're situation, you may be avoided, put on the back burner, or not called back anytime soon!!! experiences anyway. You might get different results, and I hope you do...just not been mine, or my acquaintances experiences with this company. My rating on AI's customer service would have to be a 1 out of 10, sadly.(the 1 is for the fact that you'l proably end up eventually getting something done, if the company doesn't go bust first!..) This is a tiny company, who can't keep up with their demand for preamp production and R&D, let alone find speedy time to fix any broken stuff!!! If you don't have a service or repair issue, you might be in luck, and get quicker response from them on the phone!
I played phone tag with the owner of the company (among other run-in's) for quite some time a couple years back! He is also known for "screen's" calls, and playing a bit of cat and mouse sometimes (meaning he's inundated with people wanting their stuff fixed, and his schedule for production). I personally have known the owner to answer the phone under differnt names at times (Art and Al), and used to have a voice message that answered the phone saying "thank you for calling "AI"!!!!...not even letting you know you're calling Audible Illusions! I think this way you might think you got the wrong number if they don't call back!..who know's. Anyway, the call screening episode was quite interesting. If I wasn't somebody important, I doubt the phone would have been picked up...weird.
I wish you the best, as I've known several people who, once they got some assistance with their preamp, had to wait between 6,9,and even 11 months for their piece to be repaired!!! joke!
I'm not bashing this company or their products (the mod's are good pre's), but customer relation's queens they ain't!...infact they're at the bottom in this respect!
My worst case audio nightmare would probably have to be owning all Audible Illusions gear(if it was made), and haveing to have to send it into service!...I might never see it again, I'm thinking...
My advice is to call. Wait ....for the answering machine to pick up and keep on talking. Somebody will pick it up. It will be Art or Majorie. Just try and they will answer you.
When I sent my preamp in for new volume controls I had heard all the horror stories about AI. From the time I shipped the unit until the time it was back at my door was 2 weeks. You can't ask for better than that. This was my expierence.