Help with speaker selection, please

I run everything in my system through my main speakers...satellite, PlayStation 2, VCR, CD, etc. I also listen to virtually every type of music--rap, country, classical, jazz, and so on. I'm about to buy new speakers in the $8,000 range, and I prefer to use solid-state equipment, although I will be buying a new amp with whichever speakers I choose. Would you please weigh in on the following possibilities:

Quad 989
Merlin VSM-Millenium
Red Rose Classic
ProAc Response (new 3.8's or used 4.0's)
USED Talon Khoruses
USED Avantgarde Duo 2.1

Any other speaker you might recommend. Thanks so much for your input.
It would be helpful if you could give us an idea of the amplifiers you are thinking of.

Also, if you have a cable TV feed, make sure that the cable feed isn't limiting your systems potential by introducing a DC voltage on your AC/system ground.

Can you list the rest of your system?
Wow, that's a W I D E range of speakers you have listed, everything from electrostats to horns to heavy hitters. Each of these designs will have idiosyncrocies that you absolutely MUST know about. For example, I would think the Quad ESL's are probably not going to be dynamic or "punchy" enough to make playstation or rap as exciting as the Talons or Proacs. Yet, I would guess that the Avant Garde's might drive you out of the room with some of the sharp and shrill sounds of the Playstation.

It has been my experience that "conventional" speakers (box, woofer, tweeter) tend to make for the best "all around" speakers. The exotic designs will do certain things better than cone speakers, but they're usually pretty picky about the rest of the system too.

No offense, but your asking about that collection of speakers tells me that you are not sure what "kind" of sound you want. And unfortunately, it is hard to tell what that sound is until you hear it. So, my advice would be to start with a conventional design, which will work with a wider range of music, and a wider choice of amplifiers. To push it into the "opiniated" category, I'm a fan of Proacs and Merlins.
It's me...the poster of the original message. My system consists of a Theta Data Basic II transport, which I intend to replace with a high-caliber universal player over the next couple years. It runs into an MSB Gold Link III DAC, which will be able to upsample my universal player to 24/192. My interconnects are all Kimber Select 1030. My pre-amp is an Adcom GFP-750, which I intend to keep for a while. My amp, a Rotel RB-981, will be replaced with the speakers, as will my kimber 4TC speaker cable. My thought is to get the best amp I can afford for whichever speakers I choose, and also buy the appropriate speaker wire at that time. As I said originally, I run VCR, DSS, PlayStation2, CD/DAC into my pre-amp, as my living situation requires that I have a single, comprehensive system. Again, thanks so much for all the input that's already been supplied, as well as for any further assistance you might provide.--Brian
It may be best for you, if you have the chance, to listen to as many of your speaker choices with some of your favorite music. And then make your speaker choice.

The best amp for the Quad's may not be the best choice for some of the others...etc.

The forum history is a great place to find info on many of these possibilities.
As others have pointed out, each of those speakers may have different drive requirements. Besides that, your "short list" is so diverse that i see NO continuity to the choices. In my opinion, NO electrostat or "monitor" type speaker can do justice to "rap" or anything with a LOT of high level low frequency output. While i hate to sound like "Mr Negative", you really do need to sit down and figure out what your main priorities and goals for this system are and then make your selections based on that info. There are TONS of good speakers out there, but some may be MUCH better suited to your tastes and goals than others. Sean