Help with Totems

Help me with the Totem lineup. Is the Arro or Staff the lower model? Please describe the sound differences if you are in the know. Thanks
The Arro's are quicker, throw out a wider sound-stage, and are generally tend to sound more forward along the treble.

The Sttaf's have a fuller sound, possess a deeper sound-stage, and tend to have more of a warmer presentation.

Both speakers respond real well to (good) tube electronics and gear from the likes of Unison Research, Naim, Blue Circle Audio, Monarchy Audio, etc..

I tend to prefer the Sttaf because its the more versatile speaker in the genres of music it can handle. I also like a warmer sound. Then again, that is nothing more than my preference. Both speakers are excellent.
I recently listened to both pairs hooked up w/ entry level naim gear.

Arros - quick, light, open, very good imaging, crisp. Bass is good quality, but does not plummet very low and, as such, is not a great choice when it comes to low notes. However, it is a sin of omission so, if coupled with a good sub, you're good to go. suit small to medium room (medium rooms likely partnered w/ sub, but not necessarily so, depending on your listening preferences). Easy to drive. Arros are the cheaper of the two.

Staffs - definitely warmer, more bloom. More full frequency, but less detailed. Can be played louder without breakup. Also easy to drive. Can perhaps handle more styles of music than the Arros. Suited for larger rooms than the Arros. Staffs push more air due to larger cone.

I preferred the sound of the Arros (although not enough to buy them) and i listen more to rock/alternative - whatever you want to call it, whereas my then-girlfriend, who was into dance/hip hop crap -oops- 'music' preferred the staffs by a wide margin, not appreciating the finer qualities/detail of the Arros.

Hope this totally non-technical description helps. =]

Hey loose, what did you end up buying if anything. What else have you listened to and what did you like.
The Arros partnered with the Dreamcatcher sub is a very resolving and satisfying system. They blend in seamlessly and provides very good bass reach and definition. I have had this combo for almost 10 years and I listen to all genres of music including bass heavy techno dance, rock and pop. You can have a look at my setup on virtual systems.