Hey Sota - Whatever Happened To Customer Service?

Recently, I contacted Sota Turntables to inquire about their Comet VI model. I had a very simple question: What is the total height of the turntable without the dust cover? This is important to me as I store my table on a pull-out shelf with limited headroom. The reply I received was " Thanks for the inquiry.  I don't have that measurement quickly available, but I do know it's 6-1/4" tall to the top of the cover, so I'd estimate an inch less." I responded that I needed to know for certain and could not rely on an estimate, due to my space issue. The response? " I'll see what I can do."

That was 5 days ago.

Wow. Has anyone dealt with Sota recently? How can I feel comfortable making a substantial purchase from a company that cannot answer a basic question from a potential buyer? I can't help but wonder what service after the sale would be if needed. SMH...




I attempted to get the specs prior to contacting them (via their website and an out of state dealer, as there is no local entity). All I could get were the dimensions including the dust cover.

I am not commenting on SOTA as I have not dealt with them or their web site.  However, all measurements and weights should be in the spec sheet or on the web site.  Measure and post once and it is done for life.  Given the dimension gyrations we all deal with due to space limits, dimensions are a common question.  That should not be something that a potential customer should even have to ask.  

@12many and so it is.


But it is like ordering a truck, and then asking what the height is with 37” tires and a lift kit, or with 20” skateboard wheels and lowered.

At least naming the thing Comet was an homage to one of the reindeer… hence. it is a sign for wishing all a Merry Christmas…


I found both Donna and Christian extremely helpful every time I reached out to them or needed something.  They have been patient answering questions and have gotten back to me by email and phone as they were able.  I definitely felt the information valuable and service to be superior.  I appreciate a small company efforts like Sota and the quality of their equipment.  Not a big box store in a major metropolitan area with crappy disposable products.