Hi-Fi amp recommendation

Hi And thanks for reading this thread.
I am looking for a hi-fi transistor amp with good sound quality. There is stuff coming out of china, some with a bad reputation some with good.Have you heard anything about the good ones, can you give me any pointers in the right direction, have you maybe purchased an amp, are there any bargains to be had.Sorry for such a broad ranging question, any advice is appreciated. I already have a decent denon amp which cost me £1000, am wanting to get something better than that, something really top end.
I saw some good feedback on dartzeel boards and dartzeel full constructed amps, can you tell me if you tried any of these, if so what are the results. Any sound quality opinons or long term reliability issues.

Many thanks.
To follow up on @soix 's comments, you need to tell us the speakers you are using and the size of your room. An amp needs to be matched to the speakers.
Also, are you using a preamp?

i payed 1200€ for the Naim 5si.

this is the clone Nap 200 and i see its about 200€ + shipment + tax, so might be 300 at the end. sound characteristic is really similar to the 5si, classical Naim sound. this one just has more power, better control in bass, deeper, and better clarity and cleaner highs. 

I was only driving small B&W PM1 speaker, but i felt an improvement! If you have a floor standing speaker, bass will be out of control with an 5si, and then you feel the improvement much more with the Nap 200. did the test on some B&W 683. 

But to be honest, once we switched to a Rotel 1552, bass became better then the Nap 200. A funny successful trial was to skip the preamp and control the rotel with a simple sonos connect. works absolutely perfect and reliable! really a simple soluion if you like streaming spotify. you can even limit the max output in the app.