Hidden Treasure

What albums do you have that the band or artist just never got the attention or airplay to take off. But you still play all the time. A couple of mine are Henry Gross Plug Me Into Something, Elf Elf, and Robert Johnson Close Personal Friend. Not “The” Robert Johnson. Love these albums are play them at least once a month. What are your Hidden Treasures?

Thanks everyone for the ideas, I have ordered two of them.

My suggestion,

Jonatha Brooke, any album at all.

I saw her on a whim a few years ago and along with Shawn Colvin, it was one of the best concerts I've been to. great songwriter and voice, sings with real heart. She started life as a ballet dancer, believe it or not.

@david12 ,

I did not that about SC. I've been a huge fan for years. Saw her in a local club years ago, she was alone and acoustic.
I know she had her demons early with alcohol. She was married to John Leventhal, right? Who is now Rosanne Cash' husband.
Misunderstanding, sorry, I was referring to Jonatha Brooke, not Shawn, when I mentioned ballet dancing.
I've been listening to the Budgie album "Bandolier" since 1975. My sister had it on 8-track and I used to listen on the family console stereo. I have it today on CD and vinyl LP and I listen to it a couple of times a year and still love it. Is it nostalgia, or is it good? You tell me.....