High Efficiency Monitors - List

I'm trying to find high efficiency speakers 92 dB minimum that are small, bookshelf types.

Does anybody know of some I can start looking into?

Thanks in advance.
Thanks for all the info so far. I was hoping to find something to use with one of Don Garber's SET amps. 9.5 watts was the particular one i was interested in. i'm looking for nice, lush vocals. Base isn't too important. My listening room is very small and bookshelf size speakers are really the only option...although they won't be in a bookshelf.

I thought a thread like this could be helpful in the future for people looking for similar match ups.
Zu Tones will be easily driven by the Garber SET, and the midrange is undisturbed by split duties between drivers. They are 95/96 db/w/m in real circumstances but play a little more dynamically than that.

Ref 3a dC or Dulcet should be fine too. I once used 8/8w SET with Dilverlines and SPL was fine in a small room.

Mattybumpkin ; that is a very informative tutoral at the end of the page of your link ! Thanks .