High Fidelity MC 1Pro Double Helix Plus Signature

This is High Fidelity most power full plug in wave guide at this time. Was not sure what to expect. Since i have a lot of High Fidelity gear already in my system. It really took me for a surprise,  I can recommend it very highly. It will work well with all levels of their plug in wave guides. Adding greater detail with outstanding smoothness to your sound.
I had in my system for about 200 hours before i did any real listening. I had 3 spots where i could have plugged it in at. I liked it in one spot - plugged into the wall with my MC 05s on the front end. the second spot was plugged into my  Mc 6 Hemisphere power conditioner, which i now use as a power strip coming off of the plug for my front end. This plug as i said above has a lot of MC 05s plugged into it along with a few MC 05s Helix plus and 1 MC pro.  This is where it stayed. I liked it so much I never moved it to the 20 amp line for my power amp. The increase in sound quality was not small or a little bit in any way. Note decay and drumming, where noticeable better at about the 225 hour mark. The tightness of the bass also increased (no bloat). As i approached the 300 hour mark highs became cleaner sounding with no harshness. The sound stage did not get any bigger or small for that matter. But was very detailed front to back. Like fine tuning  in a radio station to crystal clear. ( felt it was pretty good before). I will be adding another in the near future for the amp side.
Hi 68Pete,
I have had a DHPS plugged into my wall for two weeks.  Expecting a difficult break-in period, I listened with low expectations. But, benefits were experienced within the first few days.  Since, though, the sound has become a bit more strident and more hifi sounding.  I was warned that ups and downs is the norm...so I am curious if you experienced anything similar, and if so, how long before your system realized the High Fidelity's improved sound quality.  
Incidentally, all cabling is HFC with no other HFC conditioners.  I do have my components plugged into a PurePower conditioner, plugged into the same outlet as the DHPS.
Appreciate your input
Hello siddh
I have found that the Helix and Hemisphere technology takes a lot longer to break in and can be a roller coaster ride. Can sound good then the next day not so good until it finally settle in. Then the magic starts. The bass was the last to come around for me. The original MC 05s only took 4 to 20 hours and they where making a difference for the better. My MC 6 Hemisphere was a big roller coaster ride and was around 500 plus hours before it got really good. It replaced my PS Audio P10. I tried them both together for a long while, but finally took the P10 out of the loop and the MC 6 got better. I then moved up to the big Pro Power Conditioner. I do not think or remember it taking very long to settle in, My sound was is outstanding with it in place. As i add the newer Helix plus and double Helix wave guides sound just got better and the break in was quicker. I do not know for sure, but it seams like the more High Fidelity  products i used in my system the easier the break in was. I could be wrong, but it seamed that way.

Patience and the sound will improve. A little at first then all of a sudden you will hear a big difference. You could try plugging your DHPS  into the back of your Pure Power and see how it does there. But that could start the process all over again(time wise). Most people liked it at the wall.
Please post your experience as more time pass.

I just thought I'd share my experience after 5 weeks of living with my MC-1 Pro Double Helix Signature.

I have the MC-1 PDHS  plugged in the wall outlet feeding my Audio Sensibility Signature power distributor and (1) MC 0.5 Helix Plus plugged into it, just so you know the context of my findings..

Note the High Fidelity Cables Power products require quite a bit of time and patience to reach their full potential they can be kinda schizophrenic during this period in my system, but after this they really  express more of the soul of the music hard to live with out, I tried they went right back in.

As far as sound goes this is what I hear:

More weight texture power and image intensity, space and air in and around the performers has increased a bit all in a positive way.

Another way to explain this is more color to the music you can now hear more easily how the different pressure is heard off the acoustic guitar strings and the harmonic complexity of tone is more apparent.

Music is more as a whole, as some put it more 3D sounding quite addicting and "natural" presentation. In my opinion one of the best power purifiers there is that has no downside I can hear, I recommend it and the smaller ones highly.