Higher End DACs

I am looking for a DAC (potentially streamer&DAC) to be paired in a mcintosh system (c1100/611). Its my first foray into digital streaming and I have no need for a CD player.

I see a lot of love for Esoteric, however, most seems to be around their transports? Are they not as renowned for pure digital streaming and/or standalone DACs? I see DCS (for instance) often referenced for standalone DACs - how does Esoteric compare?
@djones51i hate to be one to argue with the great, all-knowing BO but....

there are no winners here, anymore!
I will make it more easy for you in 2020. I bought a 13000 euro Sony professional 4K camera. And we will let our clients speak what Tru-Fi did with their system.

What can you win?

Almost all sold audio systems in the world miss different aspects of sound. And yes this can be proven by facts and sound and stage. And no you do not even need a university degree for this :)

We create and reproduce sound by all the different aspects of sound. This gives us access to all aspects of sound. People have no idea that almost all produced audio products can not even reveal all aspects of sound. So it doesn't even matter which trail&error (audio gambling)  combination you will choose.

Most people in audio do not even have the guts to face the truth. And the truth is the fact that trail&error has no real foundation at all. It is the main reason why so many people in audio are in a circle. They all hope to find the sound and stage they are looking for.

When you have no idea what the DNA is of every single part in your system you will never understand what it really changed in your system. When I talk these days with audio manufacturers, they all agree that trial&error will never bring anyone to the ultimate sound.

@bo1972 perhaps you should consider starting another thread on what a scam the hi-fi audio industry is?

as opposed to repeatedly espousing your views (unrelated to my query) continually on this thread?
We take care of all our clients, we give them a source of what has no competition at all. We created our own huge benefit from the flaws of others. It is not my responsibility that other audio companies sell sources and DACS who are not able to reveal all aspects of sound. It is that simple!