Honing down the speaker shortlist ~$5K

After 20+ years, it's time to replace my restored and very we'll-loved pair of Snell Type Es with something new. Aiming for a budget cap of ~$5k (likely used) I've narrowed it down to a short-list:

Harbeth Super HL5
Harbeth M30.1
Acoustic Zen Adagio
Vandersten 2ce signature

I've been able to audition the Harbeths at a dealer, but haven't heard them yet at home.
As for the others, I'll need to travel a bit to hear them so any input would be welcome.

My room is woody and old. It's 12x16x9 but opens through large archways on three sides to other rooms, each about 12' across. The speakers are currently at the closed end of the room, 3' from the side walls, 4' out from the back walls and 8' feet from the seating position. I listen to jazz, folk, alternative and a little classical. Primarily vinyl. Nothing that requires floor shaking bass. I live in a multi-family building and try to keep the neighbors happy.

For power I'm using a Creek 5350se integrated at 80w per channel. This is prime for a future upgrade, but one thing at a time. The rest of my system should be visible in my profile. 

I'm looking for something that resolves well without being overly analytical, yet retains the openness that I've always enjoyed with the Snells. The Harbeths seem to fit that bill, though the 30.1s sounded a little closed-in at the dealer audition. The 5s were much better in that regard, though struck me as a bit recessed.

Thanks for the advice.
It's a wonderful resource to have the collected wisdom exhibited on this forum!

The shortlist is getting substantially longer...
Thanks for the many suggestions.

Any love out there for the Harbeth SHL5?  WAF aside, they hit a bit of a sweet spot. If you close your eyes you can almost imagine Quads. Very smooth and extended. And it's not like you would need to place your head in a vice to fully appreciate them.
Early in the process I listened to a pair of Audio Physics Tempos. They had a pleasant warmth, lots of detail, and imaged like crazy. That was the problem, they imaged all over the room. It took quite a lot of playing around to get a believable, natural soundstage.

To my ears, part of what attracts me to Harbeth, and my original Snells, is that they don't do magic tricks. They present the music in a very natural way and they're forgiving of some of the ills of room and amplification. My guess is that Spendor, Audio Note and Vandersteen would be in the same vein.
Lots still to listen to....

You should check out the Spatial Hologram M3's. Amazing detail, incredible midrange, tight punchy bass.. Decidedly open baffle airy feel with the ability bother the neighbors if need be. Great audition policy and around 2k.. Amazing speaker compared to many at much higher prices... 
The shortlist is getting substantially longer...
Thanks for the many suggestions.

Eventually every speaker ever made under 5k will show up here . Good luck with this !
I had Vandersteen 2c's for some time (after upgrading from DCM Time Widows) but after a long comparison (5 rainy months in Portland, oregon nearly all time after 6pm spent listening), I finally decided to sell them and keep the Magneplanars (1.5QR).

Maggies were not better in every way but I finally decided that they were enough better in some important ways to switch.

So I would add some Maggies to your list, tho I hate to lengthen it...