How about the "not so Audiopile" systems we've had?

I have had some of the best brands and models that most of you would know.  The worst system I ever had, and it sounded like it, was purchased in the Phillipines when I was in the Air Force.

Kenwood receiver....that didn't receive much for FM Stations.
An early Pioneer turntable that wasn't terrible, but the bottom end Empire cartridge was.
The kind of Sansui speakers with the wood grills......kinda had some mid-bass, and thankfully no highs. 

I was lucky that the Pioneer table did not kill my major investment is what were actually some good records, I got into Jazz at a good time to be into Jazz and of course "The British Invasion"...and some good American rock.  In looking back it was probably something good enough to create this life long passion and avoid the Sears Consoles that many had at the think, even then and Moving Magnet cartridge....I have to admit it was not knowledge, but it was the beginnings of some.  First thing I bought to change that system were some Dynaco speakers, half the size but twice the sound. 

Sorry, slow night and I am kinda killing time....and if you read this, maybe your time as well?.  Take care, Jim
I recall my JCPenny MCS receiver and speakers....I believe it sounded better to me than anyone else because I paid for it with my lawn mowing money.
My Electrophonic System bought it in 1969 it was like $250 my Christmas  bonus...octagon floor speakers,TT ,8 trk.,AM FM .I was 18 it was fantastic, what did I know ,LOL.
My first system was little more than a record player and distinctly awful -- a suitcase looking thing with a fold-down turntable, an AM/FM stereo tuner on the front of the turntable and detachable speakers on either side of the case. From the Sears Roebuck Christmas catalog circa early-mid '60's.

It was replaced by the KLH model 11 in the late '60's -- also a suitcase system but with infinitely greater fidelity.