How can I protect ML 436 monoblocks amplifiers?

I need advice. I live in Portugal, and I have 2 ML 436.

In this year I have problems, with both, and go to reparation. Expensive reparation.

I found that my voltage in home was elevated, normaly 246, 247V, and maybe this problems occur because of that, and high tension, in breve moments, high peak currents, . The ML 436 are configurated to 230V.

I intend to protect the amplifiers and the others components like the ML 380S pre-amplifier, record player and cd player.

Until now my problems was with the ML 436 amps and a Electrocompaniet power amplifier and a Sony Vaio labtop.

What kind of gear I could use, to prevent this high high peak currents?
A PS Audio P-10 power regenerator would be a very good solution to your problem.
There is a Multi Voltage Transformer made by Swallow company in Japan.
You need SWALLOW-SU-3000 (3000 Watts) Weight 22kg.
You can put the input at 240V/50Hz and get 230V/50Hz output.
This will protect your Amp very expensive about $850.
The Power Plant Premier can't handle 2 amplifiers. I used two premiers, then I switched to the P10, which easily handles an entire system, with no fan noise.
Highly recommended.
Last answers , from psaudio:

I Intend to know abolut the possibilities of a power plant premier

"Hi Jose,

In order to regulate the incoming voltage you would need to go with one of the regenerators. Since they are pulling 560W each I would recommend a P10 or two P5s. These would provide protection, regulation of the voltage and filtering of the incoming power.


How aboult the use of one Power plant Premier for the 2 amplifiers?


That would be enough for one and the other components.



I se you have a PS Audio Power Plant Premier in your system.

What the components you have connected to the regenerator?