How can you not have multichannel system

I just finished listening to Allman Bros 'Live at the Fillmore East" on SACD, and cannot believe the 2-channel 'Luddites' who have shunned multichannel sound. They probably shun fuel injected engines as well. Oh well, their loss, but Kal has it right.
Dgarretson is both an audiophile, and a knowledgable student of literay tastes. I take my hat off!!
'Can any pre-amp be better than the final H-Cat?' Hmmm, the spirit of that message tone sounds alot like the opening thread that you resent. Tbg, you are an incredible hypocrite. And you are a professor!!?? Of what -- intolerance??!!
Mig007, if you think my posting is anything like your initial post, I think there is no value in any discussion with you.