How can you not have multichannel system

I just finished listening to Allman Bros 'Live at the Fillmore East" on SACD, and cannot believe the 2-channel 'Luddites' who have shunned multichannel sound. They probably shun fuel injected engines as well. Oh well, their loss, but Kal has it right.
Sure, if you leave out the title of your thread which is the culprit and the subject of my retort. My subject matter also is more divisive and known, and could be articulated in that vein. Intermperate language? You must be a prisoner in one of those ivy towers, and rarely get out into the mainstream population.
Mig007, I know better now than to take anything post seriously. I am surprised that you know the word retort.

I will not entertain you any more on this worthless discussion of multichannel versus two channels. Probably others who tried to contribute seriously, have long since left.
I have just read this thread and appreciative for the cogent thoughtful comments on many sides of the issue emerged and how they were expressed.

The realm of the blog does not accommodate one of the most important aspects of interpersonal relations, that of face to face contact, wherein participants can read body language, facial expressions, and important information that tempers individual response to what is being said.

What is said as a form of comedy or sarcasm is interpreted as personal insult, eventually leading to real personal insult.

I learned much from this thread for which I thank all the posters. It is just sad to me that it seemed to fizzle so bitterly.

The take away for me is that although multi channel CAN be an wonderful expansion on stereo, it is not so for everyone.

But more importantly what format will be supported in an ongoing fashion with manufactures? Will consumers brought up on cheap MC all of a sudden decide to switch to stereo? Or will the development of Bluray foment a higher quality MC experience that could lead to more audiophile inclusion of MC?

I heard the most incredible outdoor live MC performance last year at Coachella. Roger Waters and band performed the entire Dark Side of the Moon. There were immense towers of speakers in a large circular array surrounding the audience. Several numbers incorporated the array by sending signal to various parts of the array individually or by using a vortex effect making the sound circulate around the audience before returning to center stage. Truly an incredible effect, and wonderful. Trickery? Well yeah. The instruments were not actually around the audience. But a GREAT performance non the less. If I could repeat that in surround sound, I would in a heartbeat, notwithstanding the wonderful stage presence of my trusty Vandersteen 2 channel setup.
Roger Waters and band performed the entire Dark Side of the Moon.

Do you have Roger Water's Amused to Death done on his home studio using Q sound and ATC's? It is two channel but fun.
As the originator of this thread I appreciate your thoughtful criticisms and comments. The ending although it may seem bitter, was not, as it was somewhat out of order, and basically, representing two tired voices. I believe the debate died a natural death with both sides admirably articulating their respective positions until there was nothing more to say. I also believe you are correct as to the insertion of sarcasm in a debate online when the parties involved do not face each other.