How connect TV output to JC2bp

I just got a new smart TV (Sony OLED 77 model XBR77A9G) and want to run the audio through my two channel system (Parasound JC2bp and JC5 amp) for aps run on the smart TV like netflix and amazon. It will be easy to run RCAs from my cable box to the JC2 for cable.... but for audio coming OUT of the TV from streaming services the only output on the TV is a digital audio optical output. My JC2 only has RCA and XLR inputs. 
Any idea how I can connect it? I really want to not have to use the tv speakers or invest in a multi channel system.
You need a basic 2 channel DAC with optical input and an optical cable.

Here’s a decent budget DAC for $23 with a cable or $18 without a cable. I have one of these and it did come with a power supply but there seems to be some conflicting information on the Amazon page. And yes, you can go for a more expensive DAC, but this one will solve the problem.

The L&R output of the DAC connects to your preamp with a standard RCA audio cable.

Also, and very important - You will need to go into the settings of the TV and set the digital audio output to PCM. This is not the default setting.

Please call we set these up for clients all the time you need a geffen Dolby decoder we sell them

This will take the optical out and convert to analog

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