How do you arrange the order of your records?

I guess some alphabetically. Some by genre. By quality. Etc.
My preference is keeping them randomly arranged. This way I get a nice variety and I don’t have to choose. And it’s always a nice surprise.

I take them out about ten at a time and place them in a dedicated space between my mono blocks.


Jazz albums are “albums” so they go with everything else, alphabetically.

Thats everything except:

Classical music are not “albums,” so they are separate, arranged chronologically by composer (Pachelbel, Vivaldi, Bach at beginning, Steve Reich, Terry Riley, La Monte Young at the end)

There is a small 3rd grouping of soundtracks, Christmas music, and comedy LPs.

Because I have such a healthy amount of Mancini, I put all of his soundtrack LPs with the main stack.

Pop/Rock/Folk together. Alphabetical by artist.

Jazz/Blues/Hip Hop together. Alphabetical by artist.

Soundtracks together by movie title.

Mobile Fidelity titles together.

Vinyl Me Please titles together.

Box sets.


No, but they did mentioned autobiographical.

It now occurs to me that OPs chosen listening will get warped by standing them in the stereo heat between his monoblocs.

The records between my mono blocks are only there long enough for a rotation of the 10 or so. About 3 days. And my mono blocks are AGD Audions Class D. They run very cool.

Guess I will always prefer random like the shuffle setting on a CD player. Not tracks of a disc but whole albums. I like being surprised and love the variety.

Not to mention the Herculean task of sorting out hundreds of LPs. 
And, overall, the difficulty of choosing with some preference. I tend to love most of my records without much prejudice.