How important is the source used with a DAC to obtain optimal quality from Tidal ?

Just wondering what would be the difference if I were using an android tv box with vs Bluesound Node 2 connected as a source to my DAC using Tidal Hi Fi files. My set up is old school as follows. ADS L1590 speakers, Adcom GFA-565 preamp, Adcom GFA-555 power amp and just added RME ADI-2 DAC. Was considering adding a Bluesound Node 2 DAC as a source for my DAC. So I guess was wondering what audio improvements would there be by adding the Bluesound to my DAC instead of just using tidal from an existing android Box. I’ve noticed many instances when a Bluesound Node 2 was added to a high end existing DAC. Just not clear as to advantages or what would be the ideal choice to use a source for Flac / Hi Fi files.

Inthisinstance neither is areal server now if you talkinging a lunin ori or an innousthen you would hear a large difference in sound quality
I have not used the Android Box but if it's similar to the Apple TV box, I heard a solid improvement all around when moving from the Apple TV to the Bluesound Node2. It might be system dependent so your results may be different. The user interface is also significantly better, in my opinion.  
Get an Innuous server to stream to your DAC - best SQ upgrade for streaming you could make at this point in your rig by far, especially if you get a model that has discrete internal power supplies.

Do not let anyone tell you streaming is just zeroes and ones, everything in the chain counts. Every upgrade in my chain has paid off in SQ improvements - even my ethernet switch was $$$, and has an independent power supply.

And YES I noticed a difference adding  the independent power supply!

BTW GFA 555 one of the best amps ever made. If you haven’t already it is worth having it Recapped . It mates well with ARC Classic preamps.