How many Lp do U have more than 5 of the Same

I was just going over some of my LP the other day to find out that I have 6 copies of Dark Side Of The Moon, 2 are Hot Stampers, but why do I keep the others.
Also 7 copies Of Dire Straits LP, no Hot Stamper.
Led Zep 1V, Oh probably 6+ copies, 2nd issue and up no 1st issue yet. I quess still hoping to find one.
I have 4 Box sets of Rene Leibowitz world Famous for his Readers Digest of The Nine Symphonies of Beethoven.
I have to many LP of the same title some 2 and 3 of the same title.
Must do something about it in the New Year.

Not to get into the other Audio gear that has been sitting for 2-3 years,Tubes, PC, Tweaks, IC, Speakers, DVD players.

Do you have a similar issue
It just has to be asked....why or "what" would posses you to have 5 copies or more of 1 LP or CD?? I could see if you had a couple of houses or a different systems,cars, maybe...but if its just one system, well it doesnt make to much sense to me. Anyway I would be curious to know (for those who do have 5 or more)..WHY?? Please dont say "because I can" or I "choose to".....
DSOTM: 19 vinyl/5 CD/1 SACD/1 Casstte/7 8 track/1 MFSL digital audio tape (PCM betamax tape)

I have more than 5 copies of every PF title but DSOTM I have the most of.
To Tjnif

My answer to your question is, that most of my record collection is from the 60-70, and none of mine were bought by me @ that time of release. So most of my LP are used. I buy an Lp and listen to it and make notes as to its quality sound, originality, which issue is it, and then rate them on my plastic cover. Say Pink Floyd DSOTM , I had 1 or 2 copies from Canada, and they were fine, then I was in Salsburg Austria and found a copy there, so I bought it, then when I Lived in England for a few years I bought a few more there, They all seem to be different in sound quality, so I found it interesting when I found one that sounded superior to all the ones I had,trust me we are talking about a Big difference in sound quality, a wider and deeper soundstage, amazing detail, and a much more deeper bass. So as a hobbie it seems to keep me buying clean copies looking for a better sounding LP, and why would I keep so many , I never seem to have the time to go over all my stuff and clean it out. I have 2 DSOTM Hot Stampers and wouldn't sell either ,and for the other DSOTM, maybe that's a good New Years resolution. My wife would love it, if I can cut down some of my LP.
Hobbie sometime don't make dollard sence, It's fun and exiting and I love the thrill of of putting that next copy on my Hot super tweaked out Garrard 301 and see what it has to deliver, I have been surprised to many times, to stop now.

Hope that helps
Listen and enjoy