How many with analog rigs only?

I recently moved into a new house. My system consists of OL Aurora TT, Musical Fidelity int. amp, NAD cde player and tuner. I really only listen to lps so I didnt setup th other components-just an amp and TT. I like it and I dont intend to add a cd player anytime soon (I will listen to cds in the car). How many of you listen to TT only, at least for your main/critical listen pleasure?
I'm strictly all vinyl. I've got a couple hundred CDs that I need to dispose of to make room for more records.
Vinyl only.

I in fact have never bought a CD player. I waited until DVD-A and SACD for my digital music baptism. Since neither of them displaced vinyl, for me, they are gone and I can concentrate on vinyl for the here and now.

If I should have to listen to the few (about 20) CDs that I have, I'll use my Blu-Ray machine. There's no need for that however because the CDs merely duplicate music that I already own on vinyl.

I thank GOD for all of those people who divested themselves of their record collections over the last 3 decades, since I was the beneficiary (at very cheap prices) of their impressive collections, via selective purchasing of desirable recordings.

With my collection totaling at between 2500 and 3000, there is little need to purchase too much more software,as I would probably never listen to it.

Life with a lovely system is good and years of learning about how to utilise what I have, to its best advantage have finally paid off with a system that delivers on the potential promise that Hi-Fi holds out.

Music, music, music. ;-)
I listen to mainly vinyl now routinely. Don't know myself what the reason for the change is. In my old set ups it was mostly CDs. I am curious about older mediums. Are there any really worthwhile 78 monos still around. What do they sound like on a good rig? Wax cylinders, that must be a real trip if you can find a good way of playing them??