How sensitive is the B&W Nautilus Midrange?

Hi there, I have a pair of B&W Nautilus 803S's in the house (For disclosure I am selling them). I love their sound especially when paired with the ASW-855 crossed over at 40HZ with a Levinson 332.

Anyway I really like these and would like to eventually wind up with another pair of 803's or 802's. My tech told me a story of his friend destroying the midrange on a pair of 800's and I have been scared to play them all that loud seeing as how it is ALOT of money to replace those mids.

When he did this it was playing a MP3 at extreme levels, my understanding is, MP3's play with no peaks and just straight full blown signal

What I am mostly wondering is will I have to worry about beating on a pair of 802's or 803's?
If its any reference my Tech is also the owner of a speaker company that I will leave unnamed out of respect.

He told me the story of hanging out with his buddy and trying to see what would quit first

His new pair of speakers, A pair of Mcintosh MC501's or Him and his buddy

The MC501's and the Speakers won, Him and his buddy quit first, This is what I am looking for, A great HI-FI Speaker that can play at exceptionally high volume without ever feeling like I have to turn down the music before a big peak for fear of blowing things up.

I dont need set it and forget it but I want some speakers that can handle some abuse. B&W's are used for Studios so I would believe they should be able to play steadily over 110DB (I dont need that loud but I want to feel safe)but as things get nicer they become more expensive to maintain and repair.

90% of my music is electronic and I also really dont want to have to cross over my speakers at 80HZ I prefer running full range and using subs at 50 or below typically (Not always but I find most like being crossed over around 40-50 at least for my taste)
I had a pair of nautilus 802 which I replaced with the 802 diamonds and I played both very loud (ie I can't hear what the person beside me is saying). I think the 802's don't sound their best unless they are played at higher volume. Hi-fi+ had a review of the 802 diamond which said the design team assessed the 802 at very high sound levels. That being said my cousin has a 800n speaker, which he blew the midrange driver. In his case ,he had by passed the cross over and powered the 800n with 3 amps and an active cross over.