How to configure Jriver 19 to Airport Express

I use to work with Itunes and was streaming audio to another room using Apple's Airport Express. Everything worked fine. I started to use Jriver 19 about 6 months ago and now want to use the Airport Express device to stream music in my living room. I have read a ton of threads on the Internet and looked at JRiver help section, which is really useless on that subject.

I have read that I needed to install the DBpoweramp Asset UPnP audio server which should be compatible with JRiver. I have created a living room zone and a Airport Express zone in JRiver which I can both see in the 'Playing Now' menu section. I have downloaded the main Library into the living room zone and no audio playing, what could be the problem?
Thanks Doggiehowser,

I have tought about doing so as a 'B' plan. However, there are some folks that have been able to configure Jriver to operate with Apple's Airport Express. I would like to avoid using 2 music player applications. I just need the recipe from those who were facing the same issue using Jriver 19.
You may have to purchase AirFoil which does what OS X's audio controls do - maps the Airport Express (and Airplay devices in the network) to an Audio Device in Windows Control Panel - Devices/Sound.

That way JRiver will just see it as another audio device to play to.
Thanks Doggiehowser. I have read users successfully using Airfoil with Jriver. Will give it a try in a few days.
I had this delimma as well. I did try airfoil but it ultimately was not a stable solution. I later did some serious evaluations of jriver vs itunes for sound quality and discovered they sounded virtually identical, so I ditched jriver altogether.