how to record from rcx 1500 to yamaha cdr hd 1300

I have a rotel rcx 1500 with mirage om9 speakers an audioquest cables..therotel has 2 aux a preout and digital input the cdr 1300 has analogue in and outs plus digital how do I record fm from rotel to yamaha 1300. Can I use preout on rotel to analogue in on 1300? Plus can you record from internet?
I have owned the Yamaha CDR-HD1300 for many years, and just took a look at the Rotel.
Can I use preout on rotel to analogue in on 1300?
Short answer, yes, however this preout is variable by the Rotel's main volume control which will determine the signal level sent to the Yamaha. My suggestion would be to start with the Rotel's volume control at absolute minimum (no volume) and the Yamaha's analogue record level control at 60-70% of its maximum. Then with the Yamaha in record pause, gradually increase the Rotel's volume control to a proper record level. This should give you a starting point, but remember as the Rotel's volume control goes down, the Yamaha's record level will need to go up, and the Rotel's volume control cannot be changed while recording.

Sorry to say, this is your only option as there is no other output on the Rotel.