How would you power Wilson Audio Sasha or Alexia II?

So I just auditioned the Wilson Audio Sasha DAW and Alexia Series 2. Both are awesome speakers, they really moved me.

Which pre and power amps should I audition to find a match made in heaven? Total budget for pre and power amp(s) is $50-60k. 
You could look at a pair of Chord Ultima 2 or 3 Monos and either the Ultima Pre or the Ultima Pre 2.  I have a customer who has an Ultima 5 and is in love with it but is using his DAC as the preamp.  

The new technology in the Chord Ultima line inclusive of the error correction technology is phenomenal and the power supplies keep getting better.  You could definitely do the Ultima Prem with the Ultima 3 Monos.  These are my new favorite solid states above Ayre's Reference line which does pair brilliantly with Wilson.  One of my favorites systems I have ever heard was Ayre monos driving Alexxs.   

In this line, the Chord sterility has gone away and paired with a musical speaker like either of those Wilsons, the pairing should really excel.  

The issue with this is that it is going to be tough to hear these as no one that I know of has them on display.  I just did some hunting for another customer.  
I have Wilson Alexx with Lamm M1.2, L2 pre amp and PL2.1 phono. There is nothing better:). Power wise, it is difficult to go past 25% on the volume dial as it get too loud. Pure Lamm/Wilson magic!