HT Receiver to 2-channel amp?

I sorry to ask a question that is maybe really basic. I've done a bunch of searching and have only managed to get further confused. (Before searching I was quite confident on my approach.)

I'm beginning to upgrade a system that is primarily hometheater. I have found that I enjoy 2 channel audio more and my plan is to upgrade this aspect of my system. However, my wife and I still enjoy the HT experience at home. (probably used 75% 2 channel and 25% theater)

I have an Outlaw 1050 receiver that has preamp outs on it. I am planning to replace my Monitor Audio Silver 5i's. One of the current contenders is the Thiel 1.5 or 1.6, both of which are 4 ohm speakers. From what I've read, I don't think that my Outlaw will do them justice even though it is supposed to handle a 4 ohm load.

My initial thought was to pick up a used 2 channel amp such as a Rotel. (Something at $500 or less.)

Now is where I get confused. Is it as simple as hooking up two interconnects from the Outlaw's pre-out RCA connectors to those on the amplifier?

I'm confused because I've also read some forums describing going from a receiver's RCA out into a Pre-Pro and then into an amp.

Am I ok going with my initial plan? I assume that I would also need to make adjustments to the various speakers to adjust for the amp feeding the front main speakers.

Is that all there is to it?


Didn't realize that you were using a 2 channel pre amp also. Not a problem: Receiver R&L outputs to tape or aux input on your pre. Line out on the pre to the 2 channel amp. The other three speakers, center & rears, plus the sub will be driven by the receiver.
I believe you have two issues here.

The first one is the connection between HT receiver and your stereo pre-amp or integrated. What you should look after is the existence of so called: HT input or unity gain input on your pre-amp or integrated. Usually modern pre-amps and integrated amps do have such input. It is important because this input allows the volume control to be performed on your AVR - stereo pre-amp or integrated doesn't influence the volume coming from external source for this input. That will make your life a bit easier. In other case you will have to deal with two volume settings, which is also not the end of the world ...

Second issue are the Thiels. As somebody already mentioned it, they are very current hungry. $500 S/H Rotel will not drive them properly. You need a very powerful amp of high quality to make them sing. Otherwise you may be very dissappointed with Thiels. So basically you have two options here: either you go for something like Bryston 4B-SST or Pass Labs X-250.5 or similar; or you go for other speakers.

I hope this helps ...
Thanks folks,

Dejanm: Currently I am not sold on getting Theils. I'm also considering Totems (sttaf and hawk), and Spendor s6e and am open to others that meet criteria for my wife and me. (Me: excellent sound and imaging; wife: small floorstander with beautiful wood finish.) What I've heard about Thiels is that I should have an amp with twice the wattage into 4 ohms as it does into 8 ohms. So I been looking for amps that meet that criteria or are very close. From scanning the classifieds, I could possibly swing for a Bryston, but it might be the 3B rather than the 4B. As for the Pass Labs, its out of my price range.

Once I get the speakers and amp my plans are the following.
Hook the interconnects for R+L out from the Outlaw to the amp. Hook the front mains up to the amp. Drive the center and rear surrounds with the Outlaw. I realize that when in HT mode I may have some balancing issues that need to be tweaked occasionally depending on volume. (Especially if I get the 4 ohm mains with lower sensitivity than my other speakers.)

Have a great day.

I've a related question. Sorry, didn't know if I should start a new thread or post in this only.

I've a harman kardon DPR 2005. Its a digital receiver, 120wpcx7. I've a 5.1 sub/sat system. I just bought a used pair of Vandersteen 2Ci. I'm also in processing of getting a NAD2600 (150wpcx2). I plan to use the receiver as preamp for the L/R channel and drive the remaining 5.1 from the receiver.

I went to couple of local audiophile stores and every is discouraging me to use harman kardon receiver as a preamp but use a dedicated preamp, because the h/k receiver does not even come close to a rotel/b&k/nad preamp.

Does it really make lot of difference in the sound quality using receiver as preamp vs a dedicated preamp ? Obviously I'm budget minded and would not like to spend more than couple of hundred dollars on a preamp.