I am no longer getting MQA?

I notice that with my Auralic Aries G2.1 streamer that I no longer get MQA. I now get flac 48KHZ 24 bit at the most where I used to get MQA. The sound is still good but it is not MQA. I know that there was a problem with Tidal and many streaming devices with regards to no more MQA. Does anyone know what the issue is and am I now only going to get flac 48KHZ 24 bit where I used to get MQA or at least Auralic’s version of MQA? 
I have an Auralic G1 streaming to a Berkeley Alpha Reference DAC with MQA. I also noticed that MQA doesn’t show up when streaming from the lightning app even though the track is MQA. I have MQA set in the Tidal streaming settings in the software. It used to show MQA but no longer. 

My Auralic Aries G2.1 streamer sounds good with my PS Audio Directstream dac but it no longer decodes MQA. The sound is good and I find the setting for MQA/FLAC on my Aries sounds the best. My Directstream dac will play the upsamles but it sounds best at 48KHZ 24 bit.