I Don't Understand What Determines When A Thread Gets The Axe

I've only been a member of Audiogon since 2016 or 2017, so maybe some "old timers" could fill me in.  I don't understand how threads covering "beaten like a dead horse" topics, for example, oh off the top of my head, "Cable Deniers", can carry on for days or weeks, have pages and pages of posts from Members that frankly get quite ugly with name calling and basically Grade School playground behavior...yet the Moderators never say a word or never step in with the, "This Discussion Is Closed" Czar-like ruling.


However, when a Member like, say @verdantaudio, tries to warn us about Fraudulent Retail Websites AND has proof that these sites are ripping people off, along with proof from other Audiogon Members who provide examples of these sites conducting fraudulent business activities, the Discussion is shut down and closed.  WHO decided to close the discussion?  The original poster?  Audiogon?  How do you find out?  Better yet, WHY was a topic as important as Fraud shut down after only 30 posts, some with extremely valuable information such as one member who had done a Whois.com research showing extremely sketchy information and another Member who had information about the state of Kansas Fraud Unit investigating one of the companies.


Is it because a Forum Member kept complaining about the post?  Do the businesses in question advertise on Audiogon?  I'm very curious who makes the decisions on which discussions get shut down and which discussions are allowed to drone on and on with behavior and comments that people would NEVER have the guts to say to one another face to face.  I've truly wondered this ever since I joined this fantastic audio community -- a place where I've learned more in 7 years than I had learned in the previous 35 years!


I must say I wasn't at all surprised when I saw the discussion had been closed.  After all, a Member had made this cryptic post  -- "My guess is this thread won't last."  Let's see how long this one does (before it gets zapped, I'd sure like to know the outcome of the Kansas fraud unit that is investigating the company). 


Slow down and enjoy the music...


...and even whatever mentioned in the guidelines not enough and can be removed for reason or no reason and the best remedy is just to deal with that or try to re-introduce post. As I noted before some of the moderations going automoderated and certain few getting reviewed by Support Agent.

One way or the other there’s still large probability of post being removed for good reasons that can flag the algorithm and get blocked or removed for just software misdesign and mishap. AAnd Yes, if your post was removed by automoderation, you will get that message shown above by Audiogon Associate. 


Why a Forum Post May Be Removed

  • It appears to be spam
  • Abusive towards another member
  • Depicts explicit and/or violent content
  • Contains profanity

I've had stuff deleted that didn't violate these guidelines.  I think they just make it up as they go.

Often things get deleted because somebody takes offense to something posted. I've had that happen to my posts which are generally offensive and disturbing so I'm used to it.


"Why Forum Post May Be Removed"

You should include any injection of politics by a poster.  This quickly derails any thread.