I have a good SUT. Need MM Phono Pre for DL103R

Looks like my Lamm LP2 is going to be out for repairs for awhile so I need a MM phono stage to use with my SUT. Any suggestions? I would probably spend $1k used, especially if it was something that was easy to resell in a few months.
Why spend a lot for a unit to use while your Lamm is repaired? Get a Schiit Mani for $129. It’s an excellent phono stage! 
I just picked up a Tavish Classic phono from a forum member for use in a 2nd system. I just saw one USAM listed the other day for $450 but I think it’s sold now. It’s a great little unit with an all-tube signal path (5751 at the end preceded by a ECC82 and ECC83). It uses linear regulated high voltage and heater supplies (no switching power supplies) and sounds fantastic coupled with a Rothwell SUT I’m using. The combo cost me $700 used. There’s a ton of bang for the buck there. I’m going to try rolling the 5751 soon but even the stock JJ is remarkably quiet. I’m using with a Hana SL (0.5mv) so similar to your DL103.

As you may imagine, the cart sounds much better through the SUT/MM input than through the Tavish FET-based MC gain stage.
Tavish , Gold Note, Hagerman, Croft RIAA

all good, only one I have not heard is the Hagerman, so there lean on Fremer

i understand missing the Lamm - simply superb