I'm here for the enthusiasts, not the snobbery

Couple of threads have shown up lately. "Should you be an audiophile if you..." either have a certain type of gear, have a certain amount of money, or don’t make your own.

I personally reject all of that. I’m here for the enthusiasts, and those who suffer. That is, people who are enthusiastic about listening to music via electronics and those who are suffering with problems who need a little help. That’s how I try to build a community.

Also want to point out, again, that this hobby was built by hobbyists and tinkerers. The range included backyard self-electrocuting iconoclasts to scientists in acoustics and electrical engineering. I’m happy to welcome them all.

Laslty, I want to say something about the Porsche metaphor:

1 - All Porsches are ugly. This is an indisputable fact no one wants to talk about and means all debate needs to stop right there.

2 - Any motorcycle is more fun and exciting than any car.

Thank you for reading this and I’m glad I had a chance to nip these conversations in the bud. << evil troll laugh >>
Indian Larry was a bike builder in Brooklyn who happened to like to stand on the seat of his bike.  He did it one time too many.

I still ride with a few buddies, almost never alone, a pack of Harley's at least announces their presence. I'm done with long trips and high speeds on Interstates.  But still love the twistees.  "Two dollars of gas is worth two thousand of therapy". 

Yes, love cars as well, still have my first, a '68 427 vette ragtop.  And a C7 for comfort (and speed, but don't tell).
The new Porsche GT4 is a pretty car, but at $110K I won't be buying one.  Would rather trade in the C7 for a C8 Grand Sport.

Cars, bikes and audio go together because it's a pursuit that never ends. Even after you've climbed the mountain all you see is the next peak.
Good, clean fun which I will be pursuing 'till the devil gets his due.   

I have no mechanical skills to speak of. I can barely change a light bulb. I do love music and the gear but I don't know how to work on it.
Yes motorcycle are fun and not comparable to a car ride. Said part is facts are facts if you are on the organ donor waiting list your chances to find the needed organ increases 70 times during cycle season ( no snow). Have placed many friends in the ground from cycles at it was never them at fault. Wrong place wrong time!
The Germans and British both make attractive cars, the Italians make beautiful cars.