I think I've Just Seen Absolute Proof That Audiophiles Are Insanely Gullible

I didn’t want to crap on someone’s sales thread, so I thought i’d post my amazement here. The focus of my disbelief? The "Dalby D7-Vinyl Stabilizer," which is a damn weight that screws onto the turntable spindle to hold the record securely onto the platter. Listed retail? 4000 British Pounds! (although a mag listed it at $6,800! On sale here at AudioGullible for the bargain basement price of 2500 British Pounds, or $3600 US dollars!!! Just read a few snippets of the sales ad . . .

"The D7-Vinyl Stabiliser has a sonic character that brings music to life and the ability to elevate the entire audio frequency from the veil and mechanics inherent in prerecorded music. The gains are immediate, with sweeter high frequency extension while the mid and lower registers are beautifully controlled. The soundscape is wider, higher and deeper, allowing the music to breathe more naturally."

I’m sorry, but I’m calling total BS on this. A friggin’ weight brings "music to life," "sweeter high frequency extension," "allowing the music to breathe more naturally . ." Come on. Its a modified paperweight that screws onto the platter. One can only imagine what this guy thinks about some $20K interconnects for the turntable -- the music probably writes itself! And don’t forget the amazing improvement that a $4,000 carbon fiber mat might add . . . You probably would think you were hallucinating because the music breathed so much it was oozing out of the speakers, like on some of my more memorable nights in college in the ’70’s.

Now I have never heard this amazing gift to the audiophile community, so maybe it is the audio equivalent of the Second Coming, but really? $5,800 for this? It confirms to me that there is a certain insanity/gullibility/too much money/snake oil in this so-called "hobby," (which is a hobby to customers and ridiculous business for some manufacturers). When is enough enough? What about audiophile paint, that has amazing sonic qualities to cut down reflection and make the soundstage so wide that you feel you need a new apartment? Don’t forget the audiophile couch, that is sonically neutral but promises to position your ears to "bring music to life?" OK, I’ve made my point. No offense to the seller of the snake oil, but really . . . When is enough enough?

This concludes my rant for today. :)
"IME, the higher quality gear I get, the stronger it responds to minor tweaks."

I concur.

Actually it’s proof that they’re not gullible. Just because someone has something ludicrously expensive for sale doesn’t necessarily mean he sells any. Most likely scenario is he might sell one. If he's lucky. Therefore proving audiophiles are not gullible, at least not that gullible.

Yes, I have an advanced engineering degree and often have a difficult time with some of these so-called tweaks where someone waxes rhapsodic about how much more real the music is.  We audiophiles are probably a gullible lot.  However, I once owned a BMW M3 and regularly read the M3 Forum on the net, and there were others who would pay $20K to get 10 extra horsepower as evidenced by their butt-dynamometer, so audiophiles are not the only ones who will fall for snake oil salespeople.  Some of these tweaks stretch credulity but I have tried some and often there really is a difference, at least to my ears.  Maybe it is the power of suggestion, i.e. I paid big bucks for these and there darned well is a difference.  The thing to do is to decide yourself whether you want to vote with your wallet for them, knowing there is most likely little if any measurable difference.

You will get some added value if you also use it as the pepper mill that it appears to have been in its previous life. If a nice selection of peppercorns is included in the purchase price, you’d have to view this offer in a different light. Just sayin’......