If I wanted to make my own speaker cables, is this a good choice for wire?


Duelund Dual DCA16GA 2x16 awg, Tin-plated, Stranded Copper, Oiled Cotton Speaker/Interconnect Cable


I'm thinking this wire and adding some quality banana plugs or RCA connectors to make interconnects.  Is 2x16 enough or should I double up?  Is shielding an issue?  Thanks!



Yes You are correct about CAT cable. The reason I mentioned it was that My first pair of good sounding cables were DIY from CAT5e cable, 27 pairs braided into one homogenous cable. There wasn't ANY measurable Inductance and the Capacitance only slightly high. Resistance was VERY low. Seldom would you find an AMP that responded negatively to high capacitance. When I first connected then My Volume rose roughly 3db which is huge if you think about it. Covered them with nylon woven covering and gold plated Bananas. I must say, when braiding these you can expect to have a lot of arthritic pain in your hands for a long time afterword. I ran these for roughly 15 years up until I got my first NAD amp and then graduated up to commercial cables.

Yes I made speaker wire using Dueland tin copper for my home office system consisting of TeKton Lore speakers a refurbished vintage Pioneer 5590 receiver inexpensive dac and server . I also use Dueland tin copper for my headphone cable fabulous bang for buck wire ,,..

Duelund DCA12GA bare between Luxman 509X and ATC SCM 20 monitors set on Sound Anchor stands and they are superb.  Solid bass, sweet midrange and very open on the top end.  This is a perfect speaker wire for the money.  Perhaps my Decware Silver Stix are a bit better, but for the money Duelund is tough to beat.  Have fun with your choice.

Anyone have any thoughts on Belden 9497 vs Dueland? Oil soaked cotton seems like a perfect fire hazard, lol, also might attract insects.