Improve your hearing?

I thought I could share with music lovers my discoveries on how I improved my hearing.
I have learned a bit on health through reading numerous books and incorporating what I have learned such as dietary practices, sleeping habits, exercise methods into my life-style. Then I would hold onto what I have seen worked for me.
I don't want to profess any miracle cures or that I have found answers to all or any illnesses or diseases.
My greatest lesson in studying health has been to recognize we all have different needs since we are just plain and simple different. Just as we have different preferences in music and equipment, we too have different needs.
I have tried different multi-vitamins and am taking the one that made a difference. I don't see a need for recommending any, but there is a lesson one can gain from this.
If something else works for you I think it's obvious don't fix what is not broken. Some may be opposed to vitamins, that's fine I don't care to argue for or against.
One final note: I will state that I believe it's in our interest to realize that only we ourselves can care for ourselves more than anyone else unless there is a soulmate or special family member in our life.
Actually flushing your sinuses with warm salt water helps keep your eustachian tube clear which can most definitely hinder hearing if it started getting stopped up from allergies ect. Not as likely as ear wax buildup but it does happen. I wouldn't use the same bag that you used for the enima though!
From what I have learned about health I get the impression that mineral balance or imbalance that is plays a big role in how we interpret what we are hearing! Reason being: the results I got from mineral supplementation. I first mentioned multi's because they cover more ground, and I would start only with a multi before taking any individual vit. or mineral.
An excellent book on how our personality is governed by our neurotransmitters dominance is 'Edge Effect' by Eric Braverman. I bet this would play a big role in our listening pleasure as well!