Innous Zenith Mk3 and the PS Audio Directstream Mk2

Does anybody have any idea why I can't get sound or play a DSF file if the Innous audio setting is anything other than "Transcode into Flac No DSD Support?"   Checking Native DSD results in no sound and the file plays silently for 10 seconds and starts over.  Even when the "transcode to flac" is checked I'm getting readout of either 756.2/24 or 352/24 which Innous says is not reading the DSD correctly.  How can a native DSD DAc not be able to play DSD?  I have cleared the queque and tried different latency setting but nothing works other than Transcode to Flac...this is not giving me the full DSF sound according to INnous.

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I was able to get a DSD readout and sound using the DSD over PCM choice on the Zenith,  But I encountered a problem that the the PS Audio started the tracks within the same DSD file slightly late.  I used the audio delay feature on the Zenith and that produced hiss with the music,  I had to restart the PS Audio to remove the hiss but the issue of the track not quite starting at the beginning remains.

Sometimes the DAC needs to take some time to detect the format and switch from PCM output to DSD. It probably won't happen for subsequent tracks if playing an album.


You might want to contact PS Audio about what to do to minimize the latency.