Is anyone using Harbeth speakers with a sub-woofer

I talked to a dealer today and he said the Compact-7 works good with subs. Does anyone has any personal experience with this.
I purchased a REL B3 after demo-ing against the JL F110 on Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M's setup at the dealership.

Still waiting to receive the REL but I expect it will integrate nicely.
I'm using a Rel Strata 3 with the newest Compact 7's in a 15' x 20' x 8' room. Great Sound. I've also used a Rell Storm 3 with Dyn C-1's in same room. I enjoy the Harbeth's more, and I prefer the Strata to the Storm because the Stata is a sealed sub.
I'm the Harbeth dealer that DrDennis mentioned.
I sell the KRK ERGO, this is a $499 box that will provide electronic crossover from 200 Hz down to what ever you want to cross your subs in at and the Harbeths. It comes with a microphone for adjusting the calibration and you also get room correction up to 500 Hz.
It is the Lyngdorf Room Perfect Room Correction.
It works great for most people. I have a demo unit that can be evaluated.

The down side is that you need a Computer with a firewire port to do the setup and calibration. The other down side is that the unit has pro audio TRS jacks so you will need cables with TRS on one end and your choice or RCA or XLR on the other side. The Guitar Center is a great source for these cables. I have found the Mogami to sound great. I personally use the cheap cables for my demos as it sounds great that way too.

I think the ERGO is a great way to improve your system for not very much money. It will also let you put your speakers where ever you want to and still get that great Harbeth sound with your room being much less of an obstacle.

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Sound Science
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