is ayre qb-9 dac better than cx7e mp?

sorry if this has been discussed, i read review that said the dac sounds better cx7e mp, not sure if this is true, i like the ayre sound, and contemplating whether to get the dac+mac or the cdp.
I just didn't know what you meant by:
"Most were missing major information . . ."
Apparently you meant *musical* information.
If the QB-9 loses out to the C5, it's a possibility that the computer system wasn't fully performing.

I'm not saying that it wasn't - but it is a possibility.

It took awhile before I got my MBP and QB-9 to move beyond the C5's performance.

It wasn't the equipment in my case, it was the learning curve that I had to climb.

So I am not sure they can be directly compared as there are so many variables - it's not simply one or the other - at least it wasn't for me.
"it's a possibility that the computer system wasn't fully performing"

Could be, but I'm finding my QB-9 more or less "immune" from computer-side tweaks. I suspect the asynchronous USB operation and galvanic isolation make it so that futzing with the PC is not neccessary to get great sound.

"The qb9 was no where near the C5"

My guess is that the QB-9 was not fully broken in. On another site, Charles Hansen opined that the C-5 and QB-9 are neck-and-neck sonically.
Not really familiar with the QB-9 however I can say without a doubt that the Wavelength Cosecant is superior to the C5xeMP which I used to own. My brother says it is no contest vs. the C7 which he also owns.

As you may or may not know, the QB9 uses the proprietary Wavelength asynchronous USB technology - but I've heard from several people that the Cosecant is far, far superior - although of course it does cost more.

If I were in the market for a digital source I wouldn't buy a CDP - I do believe that the technology is on its way out and service on transport, laser etc is likely to become difficult in the coming years.