Is KEF no longer relevant?

It seems to me that 20 years ago Kef was quite a respected speaker manufacturer. Granted I knew far less back then about audiophilia, but for someone just starting out, that was my impression at the time.

Although Kef still makes speakers in the $5,000 - $15,000 range, they never seem to be the subject of serious discussion here on the 'Gon. These discussions are dominated by a group of the usual 20 or so suspects that we hear about over and over again. And no disrespect meant against that group - they are mostly, if not all, great speakers to be sure. But Kef certainly at one time was a pioneering and extrememly respected brand. What happened? Is this because they lost their "sound" after Raymond Cooke died? (an accusation I remember reading somewhere) Or are they just perceived as a "yesterday's news" brand?

No doubt there are many happy Kef owners out there who may answer this thread telling me how great their speakers are, even by today's standards, and I have no argument with them - I am a former Kef owner and very fond of the brand - but they clearly are not "darlings" of this forum. What happened?
... To answer the original question...I don't know, because I don't know the numbers, but here in New York there aren't many dealers carrying their line anymore.
I followed Kef from the beginning almost. I still own a pair of 104ab. Many will disaGree with me but, maybe because to me they are the first love that never is fogotten, they are immensively musical. I never heard anything like them. They are, however by no means accurate or realistic, they sound just very musical and easy going to me.
also, I still have a pair of kef 107 which have a fantastic mid range. I remember when I got interested in the new kefs, then the
Model 4, I was disappointed that did
not sound better than the 107 and I passed on them. I never heard the never 2xx line and I can't comment on those but I used to own a center channel 200c with the tweeter in the center of the mid woofer. Frankly I wasn't impressed by it. It did not have the liquid sound of the earlier kefs, not even close. I like to add that I truly dislike the look of their new speakers...too pretenciuos in my opinion.
The KEF 201-2 reference series standmount speaker recently received a pretty positive review in Stereophile last month. No KEF speaker had really been on my radar screen until I read this review. I would like to hear them. Anyone else heard them? Opinions?
Marketing and promotion is the way to make something relevant these days. Maybe for whatever reason, KEF has not been doing too much in this respect. In any case, for those now in our 50s, KEF 104ab may be our first love that is never forgotten. Just now, yes, now, I am searching local Craigslist to see if someone is selling 104ab. After so many years, I am going back to my first love; that with oval passive bass.
I'd say KEF is very relavent. Just visit
to view their extensive product line. Their flagship Muon speaker retails for $140,000. A bit beyond the price range you quoted.

Maybe your question should be longer popular?

They have revived the "Q" line with some success. I have a pair of their older Uni-Q 65's made in the UK. Very musical. I upgraded the crossovers and just love the soundstage. I understand some or all of the speakers are now made in Asia.
The new Reference line from Kef is truly outstanding and a bargin compared to other prodcuts of similar price points.