Is Odyssey Power amp Stratos better than Krell?


Would like to ask you guys about odyssey stratos power amplifier (extreme & monoblock range). Does this amp really good compare to, i.e Krell, plinius?

lots of reviewers gave high rating (audioreview) and they claimed that the sound is better than Krell, Plinius...very transparent, firm bass and imaging.

I'm using Krell KSA80B, are they better for a change?..I Listen to Sting, norah jones, Sarah McLachlan, Radiohead, Coldplay..etc.

Thanks for any inputs

Thanks for the link.

I agree - a lot of the discussion about tubes vs. SS is
personal preference. Depending on when you grew up, and
what you were listening to; you form your own opinion about
what an audio system is "supposed to" sound like.

Dr.Gregory Greenman
I agree it is personal preference, and I do not care if amp have 1% or 0.000001% of distortion or if it have 1F capacitance or only 100.000microF, what I care if it sounds like music to me. And Odyssey did not, like so many others. Most musical amps I have heard so far have been tubed but some was SS too.
Well.... well... well... sometimes there are unknown brand out there that are really better than the well known brand. Plus your dollar will really go for the sound not the name and most of us does not really realize that.
This is like medicine, brand name versus generic and the result is the same. The worst part is the brand name sometimes is made by the generic manufacturer. This is nothing to do with Krell or stratos but .... Now let us go figure!!
I know of no other amps that can compete with Odyssey at their price point. They represent a tremendous value! I also agree with Klaus, that there are at times, unjustified bashing going on in the forums, if you don't have anything positive to add, don't say it! I believe there is an underlying code of conduct here. You may personally state your preference on any given product over the other but to attempt to destroy an excellent product's reputation which is second to none because your having a bad day is ethically wrong. Interestingly enough, if you run a thread as to which power amp is the best, you will get at least 100 different answers. Just my opinion.
"if you don't have anything positive to add, don't say it!"
I could not agree less !
this way products would have only positive reviews like in Stereophile ? Because even mediocre products would finally found somebody who would like it. I personally know somebody who really loves his $100 worth audio. Does it mean it is great. No it is subjectively great for him, as Stratos are for you.
This is free forum. I have read 200 positive review of SPONY 9000ES, I wish somebody would have written one negative review it would make me listen to it first before purchase, I would have avoided big disappointment.
I understand that you like Stratos, that is Ok, as it should be that others do not like it.
maybe you should publish list of equipment which nobody should criticize :),
I do not think that anybody was trying to distroy anything.