Is simpler better?

I have been adding components in my audio systems and subtracting as well at times. Over some time now, I wondered if I hear better resolution, dynamics, clarity and get closer to the recorded music when I keep the path short and simple. I mean one source, one integrated amp and to the speakers. Or even a digital component to a DAC then to the integrated amp and finally to speakers. Bypassing the preamp or in some cases bypassing a separate DAC. It certainly elimates the need for redundant volume or gain, reducing wires or cables, reducing the chance for incompatible components and keeping the path short.

For those using turntable(s), does the combination of phono preamp, platter, tonearm, cartridge, motor, isolation get to be too much to manage? To get the best sound? 

Your thoughts? Your experience?

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My dad dissuaded me from getting a ten speed bike as a boy.

After owning all kinds of racing bikes in my teens I eventually realized that 5 gears was more than sufficient for me.

Smooth bearings and a light frame never failed to bring out the joy of cycling.

Some of those ridiculously heavy 20 speed monstrosities with no mudguards were little more than exercises in pure marketing designed to entrap the unwary and inexperienced.


I always took solace in this one:

"Don't weep because they are gone, rejoice because they were here."

Yes, it is never easy, but that is indeed the inevitability of life.



Sadly, it is so.

There are such terrible things in life that we are obliged to accept.

Whether we do or do not doesn't seem to matter in the end, the

clock will continue to tick for us regardless

Not even Auden's line:

"The sound of distant thunder at a picnic"

should stop the picnic.


Ultimately there might even be some kind of liberation in the acceptance of the inevitable.