Is soundstage DEPTH a myth?

Ok, help me out fellas. Is it a myth or what?

I’m a good listener, I listen deep into the music, and I feel like I have good ears. But I can’t confirm that I can hear soundstage depth. I can hear 1 instrument is louder, but this doesn’t help me to tell if something is more forward or more behind. Even in real life and 2 people are talking, I can’t honestly say I know which one is in front.

The one behind will sound less loud, but is that all there is to soundstage depth? I think the answer I’m looking for has to do with something I read recently. Something about depth exist only in the center in most system, the good systems has depth all around the soundstage.


mahgister is back it seems, under a pseudonym

system is 1500 now... must've come into an inheritance 🤣


"Hypoman" made a comment about "eye candy" often being placed between loudspeakers and how distracting it can be.  I once owned a gorgeous pair of B&W 801 speakers finished in Rosewood and sold them to buy the exact same speaker in black because the beauty of the rosewood was so distracting. It may sound crazy, but I swear I was able to listen more deeply without that "eye candy" present.

Comments about recording engineers remind me of the old joke about medical doctors :  "What do they call the doctor who graduates last in his class in medical school"? ------------ Answer: "Doctor".   I believe the same applies to graduates of recording engineer schools !   Just because you have a degree doesn't mean you are good at what you do.  My favorite recording engineer is George Massenburg.

Comments about "ordinary" audio systems and using your brain to compensate for the system's shortcomings remind me of the dozens of fine musicians I know whose audio systems are positively horrendous !   They simply say that they can fill in whatever information is missing by "hearing" it the way that they want to hear it !  A great audio system is really just "the icing on the cake" to them.  Really !

Wow, omg, so much being written hear about the subject.

Soundstage is like pornography, when you hear it you just know.


And something not discussed too often, Quality recording is quite important especially on a better more revealing system. Lower level systems are tough to distinguish better recordings on. I know this because I have three systems in my home and each room is different.