Is there life after a KXR? Help

I finally found the ultimate preamp. My own version of audio nirvana. The Ayre KXR. The trouble is I can't afford to keep it. So now I have to find a worthy successor. I'm especially interested in a tubed pre. If it has a great phono stage that's a huge advantage but not required. The rest of my system are Ayre MXRs, and Aerial 20t speakers. I've owned (and liked) an Ayre K-1xe, Levinson 380s, and I've tried using a Wadia system and forgoing the preamp altogether. I intend to buy something used. $10,000 is the top of my budget but I could eek out a tad more if I had to.
The logic behind this move escapes me. The KX-R is much more of a statement piece than the MX-R and is the foundation of a system. Good luck trying to replace it.
Cpk, thanks for the correction. What I meant is replace the MX-R's with the V1-XE.

I would suggest that you audition a Messenger with phono stage. This is the best preamp I have ever heard/owned, bar none.


P.S. I also own MX-Rs, driving SoundLab A-1PXs.

I struggled with that decision. In the end I decided the MXRs mate perfectly with my speakers and should therefore be kept together. They are both fabulous and I would have been disappointed to get rid of either of them.