Is Tom Evans Audio Design out of business?

Anyone know about the status of this company? I shipped him a Groove phone preamp for repair and upgrade last August (from the USA to the UK). I did this through a USA Tom Evans dealer. I never heard directly from Tom Evans but the dealer would occasionally give me vague updates. In mid-February, the dealer said Evans told him my unit would be shipped "next week." But now the Tom Evans Audio Design e-mail bounces back and his phone has a 24/7 busy signal. The dealer, a guy named Darrin O'Neill of Audio Limits in Colorado, now says he knows nothing and thinks Evans may be out of business. I have contacted other Tom Evans dealers and no one can tell me anything helpful. Fortunately I was never charged and have not sent any payments, although I offered to several times. The whole situation seems very strange to me. I only post this because I have a phono preamp that is unaccounted for and not much recourse. Any info or suggestions would be appreciated.
Well, I just want to be clear that I'm not posting this to smear Tom Evans or start any rumors. I just want my Groove phono preamp back. He's had it for over 6 months and I can't get in touch with him. To be fair to the dealer, he never had possession of my preamp and I didn't purchase it from him. But he did agree to handle the transaction and arranged it with Evans, since he is/was a Tom Evans dealer. I owned the unit for about 3 years, and then the right channel went dead. I was told I could also get it upgraded to the "Anniversary" edition along with the repair, and was quoted what I thought was a very reasonable price. I shipped it directly to Tom Evans Audio Design at my own expense. Unfortunately, the unit was damaged in shipping, and I can understand this would cause a delay for additional repairs, but I think the lack of communication is unacceptable.
I hope your situation resolves itself somehow.I would hope by now with what we all know of audio products on the internet that only extremely unsophisticated folks,and there are thousands,would know to deal with companies in the USA that have track records.Preaching to the choir......cheers,James
may i suggest you try to contact a UK dealer? they will know a bit more. the list is on the site, under "purchase"
"I was told I could also get it upgraded to the "Anniversary" edition along with the repair, and was quoted what I thought was a very reasonable price. "

Apparently it was too reasonable.
~ Ladok:

I will have T.E. look at this thread. I just received a new Groove Plus SE from him a few weeks ago! It is outstanding in every way. I assure you he is still working.

Maybe a personal event has taken place.

I have already forwarded this to him via my T.E. dealer.

** No flames until you hear back, please. False conjecture helps no-one!