ISOCLEAN: is anything better in pw conditioning?

except rewire house. cant do that. need it portable.

Is this system worth it?
there is a new 3030 mark IV? anyone know if it better than III. costs about 1K more.

any info would help.
I have about $12K in Isoclean stuff. Two 3030 IIs and 60 and 80 amp conditioner, filters. ATI's, then other filters that I didn't like, I went to Shunyata Hydra I and Hydra II to "V" Hydra, I left Shunyata (good stuff) to this, which is just fabulous (in my system).

I remember that there was some comment that the 3030 III was better than the II, but it only included, I think, better potting around the transformer. Don't know about III to IV changes.

Anyway, for rich guys who had to have the latest, as a bottom feeder, this change from II's to III's made a target rich environment for older II's. That's the only reason I could afford to check out this stuff unheard. It was a real risk, but it worked out.

I wish I could afford the Super or better AC cords, but as it is, this is the stuff. I am a gear dilitante, a total slut with no loyalty to many pieces of equipment, but have absolutely no desire to change this stuff out. My system is susceptable to hum: I have 105 db efficient speakers, a tube phono pre and 45 tube amps. I've heard it said that 45 tubes are notoriously "hummy". Nope.

I do have dedicated lines but I had those b/4 the Isoclean stuff.

Expensive and maybe some less expensive or extravegant appearing stuff is as good, (God know, I haven't tried them all) but I'm done with this particular search for protection/filtration/isolation. (NB, if you find a real good buy on 3030 IV's, let me know! :) YMMV
I have two friends that have/had the 'full-up' Isoclean system (including the Isolation Transformers and Supreme Focus power cords). After auditioning the Synergistic Research Power Cell 10se, one sold his Isoclean setup and bought the Power Cell and the other one wants to.