Issues with heavy noise using RCA cable connection to Record Player


I have a Denon DP-450 USB record player using the Ortofon 2M Red cartridge on a Yamaha TSR-7810.  It was using old Audioquest (AQ) Ruby X3 RCA cables and there were no issues to speak of. I had a pair of Synergistic Research (SR) Foundation RCA interconnects that I wanted to try to use, so I switched out the AQ Ruby X3s. Suddenly, there is an extremely loud buzzing hum from both speakers that gets louder as you increase the volume.

I wasn't using the grounding pins, so I got a grounding cable and connected to both the player and receiver.  That did nothing. I tried to see if it changed if the motor runs on the player, or if it goes away when music is actually playing, and tried to see if that noise happens on any other input on the receiver. I narrowed the scope to the phono jack. I decided to try a completely different cable and brought out my aging Monster Cable Reference 2 RCAs.  No issues.  No hum. No buzz. I went back to the AQ Ruby X3s and again, no issues. As soon as I put the SR Foundation cables, horrible buzz/humming noise again.

So the issue appears to be with the SR Foundation Cables. What's going on with these?  They never presented a problem with other components that were using it.  It seems to be limited to use on a record player.  I tried seeing if I could find the answer out on the web, and the answers are perplexing at best.  It could be a faulty cable, but as I said, it will play music through it and has no issues on other devices. The other issue could be capacitance?  Apparently that is an important spec when using RCA cables on a record player.  I am not sure what the AQ Ruby X3s and Monster Cable Reference 2 are doing differently. Is there something I am missing or haven't ruled out?  Do I need to find an alternative method for grounding when using the SR Foundation cables?

Thanks in advance for assistance.



Analog is analog.  The "phono" specific Foundation cables have 100% the exact same physical specifications and cable design as the IC line.  The only difference is that the phono line has grounding cables that are attached to the shield.

Funny how the manufacturer didn't take the same approach you did. They gave me an RMA#. So, even they seem to think there is something wrong with the cable.

@enzo2016 OR....I use a different manufacture's cable and solve the problem.  Interesting how that works.  Everyone's "comments" seem to suggest that the IC line simply isn't well shielded. If that's true then they are susceptible to massive EMI interference. That isn't what is advertised about the product.

If an out-of-the-box manufacturer's freebie works without special designation, then the RCA only option should have worked.

Perhaps your FIRST step should have been to contact SR product support to discuss your concerns.

Their sending you an RMA# doesn't necessarily mean that they "think something is wrong with the cable" but rather may be a direct example of their customer service! You are being rather unfair if you don't give them the opportunity to trouble shoot your problem and attempt to correct it. ANY manufacturer should at least have that opportunity. 

@guakus So, you know that there needs to be a physical difference to the cable for phono and are still carping why the improper cables for that usage didn't work? SMH. That is a pretty decent manufacturer to RMA your mistakes.  SR has some pretty high integrity.

@enzo2016  Well buddy, I have given them plenty of opportunity to fix issues with their cables/products and they don't ALWAYS offer the best customer service. They've burned me more than once.  As a result, I tried to get answers elsewhere, like here, before I involve them. Too bad you fellas only enjoy the belittling rather than the helping. Yeah I know, welcome to the internet(s). ;)