Jcat network xe on pc server for roon

I got Weiss dac 501 with an integrated streamer, now I want to build pc for a server ( currently using mac mini for roon core) and want to put Jcat network xe card in my pc.
My question is, am i going to improve my sound with just jcat network card ( using my dacs streamer ) or should i go full on USB and net cards with lpsu of course, so i totaly avoid streamer in my dac. My idea is to start with jcat network card in terms of getting cleaner signal but i herd that it is better if i go over usb and net card altogether. Hope my question is clear.:)

Current setup is weiss dac with built in streamer, ansuz network switch and mac mini 2012 just for roon core. my dac has an roon end point as well as upnp, usb, spdif, aes ebu....

Any opinion is welcome.




If you are going to use The network card I would also suggest that you also purchase the ENO network filter to install just before the card. I installed the card this Summer as a step up from the original Network card and was amazed at the difference it gave. What you will notice straight away is a noticeable difference in clarity as if a layer of distortion has been lifted. It takes some time to break in but I am sure you will love the difference in gives. Good luck!!