Jeff Rowland Continuum?

What is the word on the Continuum 250/500.
Hi Husk01, I just posted an update to the Criterion thread.

Hi Bill, C500 being overpriced is an interesting hypothesis. Its cost is roughly equivalent to a pair of the also excellent Bel Canto Ref 1000 Mk.2 monoblocks plus a capri linestage. It would be very interesting to conduct a side by side analysis. . . hmmm, I should find a way to make it happen. Guido
Audiofeil is a dealer. He chose not to not disclose that fact in his unexpanded "It's overpriced" statement.

What Audiophile is really not writing is "I don't sell Rowland gear. If you buy it, I won't make any money from you. Instead, buy my products. Obviously, none of the products I sell are overpriced. You can trust me..."
Take his comment in this context please. It is a self-serving, camouflaged advertisement for his business.
9000 for a digital integrated? seems overpriced to me.

i also think a zillion people rushed into these things as "Jeff Rowland is so tubelike" and discovered the reality.
"Jeff Rowland is so tubelike"

That may be exactly the problem Keithr. The above statement is but an urban legend that it is bound to create false expectations among some audiophiles. I am personally very fond of the sound of recent highr end Rowland offerings, but would not qualify its refined neutrality as 'tube like' at all. The other urban legend is of course that class D amplifiers are somehow "digital". Actually, they are not. . . they are analog devices. G.