Jensen Iso-Max Ground Loop Isolation transformers

Hello fellow A-goners, hope everybody had a nice Thanksgiving and didn't eat too much! I tried not to, but failed miserably as I do every year. Thank God for Rolaids and Pepcid.

Now to the matter at hand: I used to employ Jensen Iso-Max Ground Loop Isolation Transformers in a single ended system due to hum. They worked very well and eliminated my problem. But that was over 5 years ago and now my system is completely balanced, and is dead black quiet. I have 2 Iso-maxs (mono configuration with RCA in to RCA out which were used on a pair of powered Subs.) I know we are not supposed to "sell" things here in the discussion posts which is why I am going to give them away to someone in need who is battling ground loop hum, if you have a need and promise not to re-sell them. Then again, how would I even know if you did? But I have no use for them, nor do I care to list them for sale, then dicker around with offers-counter offers and the like. Nor do I really want to pay for an ad. So if you need something like these, or think you might, I will give them to you. You pay for the shipping to get them to you. I do not have the model numbers handy, but Jensen Isomax's website has tons of information and photos for you to peruse. They cost me $225.00 each when I got them new and they are in mint condition. Email me if you want them, or if you have any questions, maybe these little devices can fix your pesky ground loop hum issues. I never used them between 2 pieces of gear, only between my Audio Research LS3 preamp and my 2 Von Schweikert subs.
I definitely need one! I not only have humj, but can hear the radio through the RCA on occassion. Chalk it up to the nearbu tower, nothing I do seems to work. Wanted to cover the side of my house in copper mesh as a Faraday...
I'm pulling my hair out battling ground loop hum. Do you still have these lying around. I'm willing to try anything.
Using one in my system. Not only does it eliminate the hum but I swear the system sounded better in other ways also - impedance thing?

Bought it from Markertek.