JL Audio Fathom

I've been very tempted to upgrade my 2x 12in Martin Logan 1100x subs to 2x JL Audio Fathom v2 subs. for reference the 1100x retail ~1300$ and the JL Audio 5k. I am very happy with the Martin Logans which are very nicely integrated with my Sabrina X speakers. Do you think it would be worth upgrading to the Fathoms? 

No REL for me because I don't want made in China FYI. 


Thanks everyone for the valuable feedback. That’s good to know. I had heard the v2 was much improved over the problematic v1 as well. 

Good sub integration is not something to mess with. Trying something new is great but make sure you can undo any damage. 

Well I am not from Florida but I am currently in Florida lol. But yes, I am pretty much at a 100% failure rate with JL audio. I wonder how much of an exception it really it. 

When they broke the second time my shopped offered me a floor model while I water for mine… we looked at the floor model and the volume knob did not work on it either…. Can’t make this stuff up

When someone says they want to buy the premium line and someone complains about the cheaper version; I’m not sure I see the value add.

I’ve had a F112 V1 since 2013 no issues, best subwoofer I’ve ever owned, once Rockwool R30 is available again and I can finish my new movie room the plan is to pickup two F113 V2 … no regrets …