Just curious if any of you are using a device like this?

Came across a discussion on one of the other forums on this topic, and was wondering if anyone is using this type of device?

Any real benefit?

I think just running cables in on your system would suffice. 

 FryBaby3 - Compact Burn-In Generator


FryBaby3 - Compact Burn-In Generator


Distortion mice go in, but they don't come out and inhabit your speakers. 😳

Feelings , nothing more than feelings. 😆 Where’s Barbara when you need her. Or maybe the Offspring version. To the Op, it looks interesting and I applaud you asking. I have not tried any burn in devices. However running numerous brands of mid tier cables in a system that’s decent enough to be revealed, I definitely believe there is a break-in/settle- in time. I’ve run Audioquest, Anti-Cables and Morrow. I couldn’t tell squat ( break-in ) on power cords, although I could tell a difference. Speaker cables seem to be a little more evident. However IC’s I could definitely tell a break-in curve. This was most evident out of the three brands listed with Morrows. I’ve received them totally GREEN, and others with 240 hrs burn time prior to shipping. It found ( based on actual experience) that the Morrow IC’s took 400 hrs to reach some sort of a peak. I don’t agree with people that have an ABSOLUTE mentality that based on their experience others will NEVER have this occurrence. And yeah I’ve read the NASA guys paper “ wire is wire “. We’re here to experiment, be curious and open minded. I don’t see any value in people that shut one down with a curt quiff. But I’m not of superior intelligence either. Another random point , I bought a USB Disruptor and it didn’t do squat for my DAC. My buddy had a huge improvement. So I gave him mine and I don’t post that it’s BS and never works, for him it did. If I offended anyone, PM me and I’ll send you a butt hurt report form. Cheers , Mike B.